Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Introducing B. B. Warfield!

Recently I inherited a few boxes of books, long story, but what a blessing considering some of the titles:

"Bondage of the will" Martin Luther
"Westminster confession"
"Anglican Prayer Book"

The 'cream of the crop' was the full set of Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield's works, 10 volumes. I had heard quotes from Warfield before, but never picked up to read his writings. It is good stuff, currently reading through the first volume (of 2) on Perfectionism. Warfield deals with the different men who taught various shades of Perfectionism, this idea of some that a Christian can be perfected/perfect (somewhat and/or totally) this side of Heaven. As I'm reading through, I'm sure to discover how someone can conclude this spurious notion.

Some of B. B. Warfield's works are available to view online at if you can't afford your own set, or if you can't afford the petrol money to come and join me in my study!