Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In real life, there is no such thing as an Atheist.

Note: This post is a follow-on from a previous post that I wrote on Friday, October 3, 2008 entitled “Militant Atheism and Logical Fallacies”, this directs the reader also to some resources by Dr R. C. Sproul (links at the bottom of the post).

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Wretched Radio" for finding the short film mentioned in this blog post.


I know I wasn’t alive in 1973, but there have always been “One hit wonders” that come on the radio, even today. Clint Holmes is no exception either. His song “Playground In My Mind” got to number 2 on the charts 36 years ago. The song is famous for the line “Oh the wonders that I find, In the playground in my mind”.

Frankly, that’s where some ideas should stay. Nevertheless, there are some ideas that get let out into the open, despite the exhortation from Mum and Dad to “think before you speak”. One of these ideas that escaped that parental filter is commonly known to us as Atheism.

Christians are so often on the defence when it comes to debates about the existence of God, and there is a time for using an “evidentialist” approach to defending The Faith (apologetics). However, better to be on the offence (2 Corinthians 10:5) since we must contend earnestly for The Faith (Jude 3).

Logic is another tool for Christians to “wield the sword” (so to speak), and to have an attacking position in a debate with an “Atheist”. Logic can be posed in question form. For instance if I want to do what the Proverbs say and “answer a fool according to his folly”, I might say to an Atheist, “How can someone tell me that murder is wrong, if my DNA made me do it?” or “Why shouldn’t someone be able to kill you right now? Why should they be held responsible?”.

Consider the above question posed a different way in this short film (below) “Cruel Logic” (click here for more info).

Obviously, for a Christian, actually kidnapping an Atheist and shocking him with a Taser is not an option that we have. Nevertheless, the film does bring up a vital point.
That an Atheist cannot answer the question of Morality. Meaning “Who get’s to decide right and wrong?” Nietzsche understood the Atheist Philosophy, Nietzsche connected the dots to where Atheism must eventually go, if this Atheist thinking is true. It may sound a bit strange but I respect Nietzsche, he was honest about his philosophy, and if there ever could be such thing as an Atheist, Nietzsche would have to be one of only a few.

As Christians, we know that God is the ultimate author of right and wrong. He determines the standards because He is THE standard. Amazingly, He has chosen to reveal His standard through His Word (The Bible), and most importantly He has chosen to reveal Himself in the person of His Son. Refusing to acknowledge this means refusing to accept an ultimate morality, whereby murder is spelled out as a Sin, punishable by Eternity in a Lake of Fire. Having denied this very truth, the Atheist is stuck. Dawkin’s and friends cannot even provide reasons for saving their own lives. That is why there are no Atheist’s in real life.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Exodus sermon series by Dr Noel Due

This year has begun with a look back to the beginnings of God's people. Dr Noel Due is taking his congregation through the Book of the Exodus. And you needn't miss out! Each Sunday afternoon Noel's sermon will be uploaded onto www.sermonaudio.com

To go straight to the 1st sermon in the series which was preached on the 25th January 2009, click here.

We hope you are fed and equipped through this series.

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