Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Movie Premier - "Theological Studies!"

Just passing through "Founders Blog" last week I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a 'Teaser Trailer' for a unique cinematic experience. So before I spoil it (and tell you how you can be in it!), have a peek:

Now if you visit the "Midwest Center for Theological Studies" website you will soon find that Eschatology is not the not the only subject on offer. Furthermore, you will also find that for those who don't live in the 'U.S. of A.' (Ie. those who attend Timothy Fellowship), the Midwest Center for Theological Studies (MCTS) provides distance education. Very handy! Not only for those who don't live near the seminary, but also for those (like many of you reading this) who work full-time, raising families, etc. If you have been considering Theological studies (even just a few subjects) and have been wondering where would be a solid, trusted place to learn, that is flexible to those with limited time, MCTS is one place to consider. Faculty include: Tom Ascol (Founders), Tedd Tripp, Donald Whitney, Dr. Sam Waldron (Academic Dean of MCTS).

There is also "Reformed Baptist Seminary" in South Carolina (U.S.A.) if your searching around for other places (also has distance learning, well, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it!).

Of course, for all you Adelaidians, if your keen to drop everything and study full-time Adelaide College of Ministries is where it's at!

Oh, and just a side note:- Grasping more of the Truth of God's revealed Word unto mankind, IS more satisfying than a cutting edge film, don't you agree?!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wisdom from above, wisdom from below...

How often it is, that I find my worldview is still not fully captivated to Word of God. So much residual human philosophy is contained even within the most sanctified of believers (how I long to be that sanctified!). How did I come to this discovery? I was visiting Ligonier Ministries website, and being attracted to the asthetic looking media player with Dr R. C. Sproul setting to the left. I clicked on "Video" and found some interesting titles as I scrolled down. Names like "Sarte and Heidegger", "Nietzsche", "Kiekergaard", "Marx", "Hegel", and "Kant" all sounded familiar. They are, of course, the names of the most well known Philosophers of modern times.

Dr R. C. does a wonderful job summarising the philosophical theories of each man. It is supremely helpful and will equip you in the basics, with regards to philosophy. Hope you get the chance to watch the video's. It is also a good reminder that man, on his own cannot discover the truth about himself, God or eternity (1 Corinthians 1-2).

The video's are part of the DVD collection: "The Consequences of Ideas", check it out!